Getting started, Current version (0.7.8)/(0.9.22, work in progress update)

This is a mod in Alpha and is currently being developed, and is focusing on wuxia novel style progression and influences all aspects of the mod. Currently the only aspects to be added is an alchemy system, cultivation techniques and cultivation, formations, and several other dimensions, along with some custom mobs. With this page it will tell you a brief overview of the cultivation levels and the current basic methods to increase your cultivation and how to measure how much qi and roughly the amount of cultivation you have.

Currently, the only method of acquiring Cultivation Technique Scrolls is by killing Wandering Cultivators, one of the new mobs introduced by this mod. Ambient Cultivators are neutral mobs by default, and will not attack you unless attacked first. The easiest Wandering Cultivator to fight would be a Mortal Essence cultivator, although a standard Minecraft player can fight Essence Gathering and Essence Consolidation Wandering Cultivators if equipped with full iron armor and weapons. Attempting to fight wandering cultivators of Revolving Core or above will likely result in being killed in one hit, and so it is recommended to avoid fighting them at Mortal Realm 1. Cultivation Technique Scroll drop rates are very low, so it may take a while to acquire even one, although this does seem to be affected by the Looting Enchantment.

Wandering Cultivators spawn very frequently in the new Extreme Qi Biome, which forms much like Extreme Hills, normally at heights of 80+ Y. Extreme Qi Biomes spawn nothing but Wandering Cultivators, and give a boost to cultivation speed for all cultivation done within the biome, making them the best place to set up for cultivation long term.

This is a overview of the current systems and instruction on how to view them.

Energy (Qi) :

There is 2 different ways of measuring your energy level,

Fully Charged Qi Energy Circle

the first is to look at the star system between your health and food, this will tell you roughly the amount of Qi you have, it grows in size as you get more qi, showing what percent of your maximum Qi you have.

The second method is to use the command /cultinfo, which will give you your Qi percentage, along with your Essence Rank and progress % (will be explained on another page as Wiki is updated)

Measuring Cultivation;

The way to see your cultivation is by pressing K and going into the introspection window (Pictured), where your Cultivation Techniques (if you have any) will be listed underneath their respective System, just beneath the appropriate Dragon Bar, with Foundation circles displayed to the right of each System.

Introspection Menu, with Cultivation Techniques, Dragon Bars, and Foundations visible.

The Introspection Screen;

The Introspection Screen gives you a large amount of the information you need to manage your Cultivation, and is divided into three menus. The pictured menu is the Cultivation Menu, which shows you your Realm and Rank in each System, arranged from top to bottom as the Body, Divinity, and Essence Systems respectively.

Example: Mortal Body Rank 1. As this is the top option, this is for the Body System. The Realm is the part listed before the word 'Rank', the realm for this character being Mortal Body, and the rank number showing the Rank within the Realm. All Realms except Mortal 1 have 9 ranks within them, advancing to Rank 10 instead causes a Breakthrough to the next Realm. Mortal 1 only has 1 Rank, so advancing to the next Rank will automatically Breakthrough.

Below the Realm is the Dragon Bar, an indicator of how close you are to advancing to the next Rank. The exact percentage can be veiwed by hovering your mouse over the Dragon Bar, or the space it is supposed to be in. Upon starting a new game, all Dragon Bars will be empty, and all Dragon Bars will be emptied immediately upon dying.

Below the Dragon Bars will be the name of whichever Cultivation Technique you have learned for the Relevant System, or will be empty if you have not yet learned a Cultivation Technique for that system. Hovering over the Cultivation Technique will show you your Proficiency in that Technique, and clicking the minus button to the left of the Technique name will allow you to remove that Technique in order to learn another one (removing a Technique also removes that Technique's Proficiency). As Proficiency increases, the name will change based on the Cultivation Technique you are using, and your stats such as Max HP, Armor, Max Qi, and Qi regeneration, among others, will increase.

To the right of each System is Foundation, the red circles visible in the pictured menu. When you start the game, there will be empty space here, which will be filled as you build your Foundations. Foundations start as Weak, for the space being empty or the growing circles of red, before going to Unstable as the red circle begins filling with orange (?) and goes to Unstable, then Strong, then Unbreakable, then Peerless. As the circles fill and Foundation advances, your stats such as Max HP, Armor, Max Qi, and Qi regeneration, among others, will increase. Foundation maxes out at Peerless, the full white circle being the maximum possible Foundation.

The upper right corner holds the Suppress Cultivation button, the small human figure in the lotus pose. While this figure is orange, your Dragon Bars will fill when you take actions or use skills to boost your cultivation, and you can advance to the next Rank or Breakthrough to the next Realm. Clicking the Suppress Cultivation button will turn it gray, and all actions or skills that boost your cultivation will go to improving your Foundation.

The Skills Menu;

Introspection Screen, the Skills Menu, with all three basic Cultivation skills present.

The three Cultivation Skills, as displayed on the right side of the screen.

The Skills Menu is the second Menu in the Introspection Screen, which holds the various Skills you will acquire from Cultivation techniques you learn. Currently pictured are the three basic Cultivation Skills, each one can be gained from right-clicking with any Cultivation Technique of the same System. To use these skills, you just select them in the Skills Menu, then when in regular Minecraft, hold down your Use Skill key (By default F). A blue bar will go over the EXP bar and begin filling as you hold the Use key down. While this bar is being filled, you will be using Qi, likely resulting in your Qi Energy Circle to get smaller as it goes, maybe even vanishing completely. If you run out of Qi, the blue bar will stop filling, but will not go down or disappear until you release the Use Key. If you regenerate enough Qi without releasing the Use Key after running out, the Qi will be used again and the Skill Bar will advance again. Filling the skill bar completely gives you a chance to gain Proficiency in the related Cultivation Technique, and any time the bar is filling, you will be gaining progress on your Dragon Bar/Foundation.

When at Mortal Realm 1, cultivating any System gives a lesser boost to both other Systems, but after reaching Mortal 2, each Cultivation Skill will only boost it's relevant System.

3 basic principles of getting cultivation which is;

Cultivation Skill;

Cultivating is the most reliable way of getting cultivation, and this is a skill which you can unlock once you find your first elemental technique be it Fire, Water, Earth, Metal and Wood and right click with the scroll to learn it. These have a low-medium drop chance once killing cultivators, the easiest at that level to kill would be body refinement wandering cultivators.. A full cycle of the skill will take 15 seconds and will give you a certain amount of cultivation. This can be activated from the skill menu which you can find by using the correct key binding which can be found under minecraft controls and changed there to which ever one you like. (my personal recommendation would be set the skill menu to I and have the use skill as F) after it is activated you need to hold down the use skill button for that period of time until it has made a full cycle and will drain a part of your energy.

Found on the right hand side of the screen.

Skill menu.png

Taking pills and Spirit stones;

Taking cultivation pills such as;

Body refinement pill,

Training pill,

Reinforcement pill,

Body creation pill,

Soul refinement pill,

Soul aspect pill,

Wandering ghost pill,

Qi paths refinement pill,

Meridian injection pill

Dantian condensing pill. (Current Version 0.7.8)

These pills will give a certain amount of cultivation and can be dropped by wondering cultivators or can be made by the pill furnace once you know the recipe. WARNING, taking pills over your current level will make you EXPLODE.

Once you have one of these you can right click with it in your hand and you'll eat one pill which then has a cool-down for each different one.

Taking spirit stones such as; (These can only be found on new chunks found 50k away `only applies to the server`)

1. Weak Lifestone (Body Refinement ~ Soul Refinement)

2. Soul Stone (Soul Refinement 1 ~ Soul Refinement 5)

3. Primordial Stone (Soul Refinement 5)

4. Five Elements Pure Crystal (Qi Paths 1 ~ Dantian 1)

5. Pure Qi Crystal (Dantian 1 ~ Dantian 5)

6. Earth Law Crytal (Earth Law 1 ~ Sky Law 1) ------------- Overworld limit --------------

7. Sky Law Crystal (Sky Law 1 ~ Sky Law 7)

8. Heavenly Stone (Sky Law 7 ~ True Law 1)

9. Rainbow Lawstone (True Law 1 ~ True Law 5)

10. Sky And Earth Crystal (True Law 5~ Martial Law 1)

11. Law Nexus Stone (Martial Law 1 ~ Martial Law 12)

12. War Crystal (Martial Law 12 ~ Immortality Law 1)

13. Gold Spirit Stone (Immortality Law 5 ~ Immortality Refinement 1)

14. Yin Yang Stone (Immortality Refinement ~ Immortal Foundation 1)

15. Trancendent Crystal (Immortal Foundation 10 ~ True Immortal1)

16. Immortality Stone (True Immortal ~ Martial Immortal 1)

17. Ascended Immortality Stone

18. Immortal Willstone (Martial Immortal 1 ~ Martial Immortal 11)

19. Stellar Stone (Martial Immortal 11 ~Divine Law 1)

20. Divine Origin Stone (Divine Law 1 ~Divine Law 15)

21. Boundless Void Crystal (Divine Law 15 ~ Divine Phenomenon 1)

22. Falllen Star Core (Divine Phenomenon 1 ~ True God 1)

23. Primordial Chaos Stone (True God)

Warning taking spirit stones higher than your level will cause you to explode.

You can use these by holding down right click each one lasts for 50 seconds and will give you a certain amount of cultivation.


Currently in version 0.7.8 the only formation to give cultivation would be the soul gathering array, which needs 7 nature arrays to be fully functional, this will give cultivation once you are using the cultivation skill within 8 blocks of the core.

Soul Gathering Formation

Cultivation Levels;

  • Energy Perception Realm (5 levels each)
    • Body Refinement
    • Soul Refinement
    • Qi Paths Refinement
    • DanTian Condensing
  • Martial Law Realm (10 Levels each)
    • Earth Law
    • Sky Law
    • True Law (Allows Flight)
    • Martial Law
  • Immortal Foundation Realm (15 levels each)
    • Immortality Law
    • Immortality Refinement
    • Immortal Foundation
    • True Immortal
  • Divine Law Realm (20 levels each)
    • Immortal Martial
    • Divine Law
    • Divine Phenomenon
    • True God (Infinite Levels)

As of version (0.7.8) these are the current levels with each one taking more and more each level to progress.


These add specific bonuses and have different variations of completeness, and are dropped by wandering cultivators randomly.

The current version of the scroll button on the technique menu is bugged but you can still scroll down and up by roughly clicking half a centimeter to the left.

For a full list go here.

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