A formation is a way that runes are placed, together with other blocks, so that when it draws energy from the spiritual environment and transforms the physical environment.

Known formations are:

  • Weak Qi Gathering Array
  • Five Elements Gathering Array
  • Yin Yang Gathering Array
  • Nature Spirit Gathering Array
  • Furnace Powering Array
  • Soul Land Barrier
  • Foreign Qi Barrier
  • Earthly Blockade
  • Firmament Protection
  • Weak Mob Suppression Array
  • Mob Immunity Array
  • Evil Repelling Formation
  • Soul Gathering Formation

Weak Qi Gathering Array[edit | edit source]

The array is created by filling a 3x3 area with paint and right clicking on the centre block twice with the paint brush. The array lets the player regenerate energy at a much higher rate. The array is especially useful early on as it makes breaking through much easier.

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